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Kirasanban, February 16th, 2011, 1:57 am

Panel 1: "Let me give you the 411 on gram and gramps."

Panel 2: "We can't remember our parents..."

Panel 3: "...And though we were hard workers"

Panel 4: "...they never really warmed up to us."
Kaori: "Why is it always me?"

Panel 5: Grandma: "I still stand by what I said when you were
Kira and Kaori: "What did you say Grandma?"

Panel 6: "We should have drowned you in the river."

Panel 7: "Oh really" -_-

Panel 8: "Grandpa really doesn't remember us too well."
Grandpa: "It's so nice to see you Midori-san. What are
you doing here at this untimely hour?"
Kira: "My name's Kira, I live here and it's 10:00 AM."

Panel 9: "Kaori was dubbed too smart for her own good."

Panel 10: "...While I was, for some inexplicable reason, told I was incompetent and dim-witted."

Panel 11: "But we were a close family."

Panel 12: "I hate to interrupt this touching moment...but you're under arrest." (suddenly brought back to reality)

Panel 13: "What?!"

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