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Kirasanban, December 19th, 2010, 5:16 pm

Panel 1: "Priestess Midoriko!"

Panel 2: "But I thought you were dead?!"

Panel 3: "I'm not the real Midoriko. Merely a replica of her body made from spirits that reside within this forest."

Panel 4: "Man that's so creepy"

Panel 5: "What did you say?"

Panel 6: "Ha ha nothing"

Panel 7: "Very well then. I suppose you want to know about your curse"

Panel 8: "YES YES WE DO!"

Panel 9: "Queen Mikomi combined her magic with my spiritual power in order to seal the 10 forest spirits who were supposed to remain sealed forever, but you released them. Therefore Kira is cursed with cat-like abilities and appearance, while Kaori turns into a feline for half and hour every time she casts a spell."

Panel 10: "Of course the spirits will be after the witches and wizards who destroyed their forest. So it's important that you (Caw) and you'll need the help of a (Caw), and to reverse the curse, you'll need to travel to (Caw caw!)."

Kira: "What?"

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