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Kirasanban, November 28th, 2010, 8:30 pm

If it's hard to read:
Panel 1: "The charms on the bracelet should still be there"

Panel 2: "No Way!"

Panel 3: "The 10 charms are gone so therefore the doubutsu HAVE been released"

Panel 4: doom "And the curse is also true" doom

Panel 5: Kira: "ooh pretty!"
Kaori: "Are you listening?"

Panel 7: "What do you think? Does it suit me?"

Panel 8: ominous rumbling "What's wrong?"

Panel 9: "She's so clueless"

Panel 10: "Good thing the bracelet wasn't something important or it would have been heavily guarded"

Panel 11: "Where's all the water from?"

Panel 12: splash splash O_O

Panel 13: Kaori: "That's just how the cookie crumbles"

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